Trip Advisor reviews Shiva Garden South India (Varkala)

Sally * Juin 2012
Sally, is a Irish doctor working in England.
She stayed for two weeks having 2 lessons a day of hatha yoga, she was truly dedicated to improve her self.

In her classes, (sometimes private classes) we did physiotherapy, discovering what was hidden and not forgiven. This memories stay block in our bodies until we understand them, forgive and free this emotions. We worked the feminine energy through classes of oriental dance.
Thank you Sally for your lovely company and friendship.

Melanie * May 2012

Julian Castaño (Planeta Guardian) * May 2012
Julian is from Colombia, and we was in a long vacations.
We had a talk about his numerology map according with his birth date.

Louise * April 2012
Louise is from Germany, she is a doctor and was was making he master degree in a hospital in Trivandrum. She came at the weekends for shill out and practice yoga.
She have a special light in her smile and inner straight and peace in her energy.
Thank you for all your professional advice's.

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