Chakras map, chart & definition

(Image from the book Prana Pranayama, Prana Vidya, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.)

(Image from the book Reiki, an eye opener and hand book. Jayaprakash and Shailaja.)

When the energy level ascends, the lotus (magnetic field) blossoms more and more and the number of petals also increase in number. There is specific color for the lotus in action center.
Its is said that the latent power in us is asleep while we lead a worldly life fulfilling our sensual pleasures. But as a person develops thirst for spirituality, this latent slowly wakes up, aiding him his journey to be one with Paramatma. Then the energy levels within a person rise manifold.
The latent energy lies asleep at the lower end of the spine, known as Mooladhara Chakra. This silent power is similar to the fire latent in a match box. The fire becomes visible only when we light the match stick. Divine power (Shakti) in us lies in the Mooladhara Chakra, just like the fire in a mach.
This invisible Shakti lies coiled, like a serpent, with it's head down. Through out spiritual practices, when the energy level rises, an electromagnetic field is produced in the spine. As if hit by a shock, the serpent raises its head with a hissing noise and starts traveling through the energy line. This energy line (channel) is called the Sushuma. In other words, the inverted lotus gets erected and unfolds in the upward direction. The Sushuma is a straight vertical channel, through the center of the spine.
When the kundalini rises up to each action centers, the sadhak (disciple) attains more and more spiritual powers. The sadhak can read the mind of others when the kundalini reaches Anahata. At the Vishudhi level, divine voices can be heard. The Ajna is the point between the brows where Siva dwells, the point where the whole body conscience is lost. The desires are burnt to ashes. It is where the transformation of men to God takes place. The sadhak becomes one with the Supreme. The whole universe, visible and invisible (gross and subtle) is reflected in this enlightened mind. It is at this point that Shakti joins Shiva resulting in Sudhavarsha (shower of nectar), sweetening and intoxicating every cell of the body.
At the Sahasrara this electromagnetic field attains infinite power.
The mantra Aum Srichakrarajanilayaye Namaha denotes Devi as the authority of Sree Chakra at the highest level. Because Devi is the Adhistana Devata for the bottom most and the top most chakras, (encompassing the hole cosmos), the Cosmic Motherhood (Parasakti) remains superior to the Trinity.

Text adapted from the book "i to I" from Prasanna Balakrishan

The pranic network which comprises the pranic body is fueled by the psychic centers or chakras.
These are very subtle and high powered vortices of energy, which receive the cosmic prana and act as transformers to step down or reduce the voltage, so that it can be used by the different organs and parts of the body.
As well as providing the prana for specific areas and functions of the body, they can also be used as trigger points for awakening the higher faculties and dimensions of consciousness.
The different systems of yoga, specially hatha yoga and kriya yoga, systematically purify, re-balance and awaken the chakras individually, and also as a hole.
When the chakras are properly prepared by such practices, the pranic level is naturally higher and more stable. Therefore, there will be little difficulty in awakening and experiencing the transmission of prana.

(Text from the book Prana Pranayama, Prana Vidya, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.)

The astral body have 72000 nadis (energetic lines) that have origin in all the chakras that we have in the body, main and secondary. You can imagine like a nervous system. This energetic lines they form all around us what we call the Aura.
This energetic lines are used to heal in Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Thai Yoga Massage, and other oriental healing therapies. 
The 3 main nadis Sushuma, along the spine, Ida (fire and masculine energie) and Pingala (feminine energy) from where the Shakti energy when awaken in the 1st chakra, Mooladhara, goes up trough  Pingala nadi awakening all the chakras until it reaches the higher consciousness, the 7 Chakra, Sahasrara and gets together with Shiva. Here is the union of Shakti and Shiva. The feminine and masculine energie.
The more healthy life style we have, the more the chakras and energetic lines will be purified. The more purified and full power, the more capacity's we have to thrive in life. 

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