Chakras * Vishuddhi

Element: Ether, akasha.
Location: At the level of the throat pit and the thyroid gland.
Association: Vijnanamaya kosha, initiates mental development.
Pranic field: Udana, controls the vocals cords and other sensory organs.
Psychological: This center is responsible for our capacity to receive thought vibrations from other people. It can act like a transmissor radio allowing one to tune into the thoughts of those who are both close by or far away.
Beeja mantra: Ham.
Adhishtana Devata: Om Vishnugranthivibhedinyai Namaha.

Vishuddhi is known as the purification center. Into this chakra nectar falls down from bindu visarga (Bindu Visarga is a minor chakra situated at the top of the back od the head. The seat of total creation). In a healthy and active chakra, pure nectar can generate vitality, health and longevity.
When this chakra is activated, we feel cool, sweet drops of nectar dripping down into the throat and causing feeling of blissful intoxication.
By meditating on Vishuddhi, the mind becomes pure and empty, free of thought, like akasha (ether or space).
The ability to neutralize poison, both internally or externally, is one of the powers associated with vishudddhi. At this level, all the poisonous and negative experiences of life can be absorbed and transformed into a state of bliss.
Vishuddhi is also the center for receiving sound vibrations. When Vishuddhi is purified the sense of hearing becomes very sharp, not only through out the ears, but through the mind.
Is known as the fountain of youth.

In the yogic texts it is stated that with the awakening of this center, all diseased states can be reversed, and even an old man can become young. This is because the nectar from bindu , is such a powerful and concentrated form of prana. It is actually the source of life.

Text adapted from the books "Prana Pranayama, Prana Vidya", Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, and "i to I" from Prasanna Balakrishan.

Images from the Google Images.

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