Sarah come in September and stayed 4 months in Shiva Garden, practicing yoga almost every day.
She was a complete beginner with spine and legs stiff. 
After 4 months of practice, she become flexible, stronger, centered,  and completely independent to do her own practice of meditation, mantras, pranayama, asanas  and relaxation by her self.
We live a photo sequence of her today's yoga practice.

Sarah is an example of dedication, work and focus. During the time she stayed here, she also learned in a different place and teacher, the course of Thai Yoga Massage, which she was practicing and become very good.
Tomorrow she is living back to UK, living close friends that she met here during this time.
This is the link to her review about the time she spend in Shiva Garden Trip Advisor Sarah's review
We wish you all the very best sweet friend.
You were a strong pillar in the yoga classes, and we are so grateful to you for all the time you spend with us. Thank you for everything.

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