Chakras * Swadhisthana

Element: Water
Location: At the base of the spine at the level of the coccyx and pubic bone.
Association: Pranamaya kosha (vital or pranic body), and corresponds to the reproductive and urinary systems.
Pranic field: Apana vayu (sub prana moving downwards from the navel the perineo in the lower abdominal region responsible for elimination and reproduction).
Psychological: Is associated with the subconscious mind and, therefore, with drowsiness and sleep.
Of the 3 gunas, swadisthana is influenced by Tamas, lethargy, dullness and ignorance.
When prana activates swadisthana it can increase the desire for pleasure, especially in the form of food and sex. These desires can be an obstacle to the awakening of prana, if we become obsessed by them. We need to develop our willpower in order to pass through this center.
Beeja mantra: Vam.
Adhishtana Devata: Om Brahmagrandhivibhedinyai Namaha.

Swadhisthana, which means "one's" own dwelling place or abode, is the second chakra. It is located very near to mooladhara and is also involved and responsible for awakening of prana shakti.
Swadisthana is considered to be the substrata for individual existence as it is the storehouse of all the latent samskaras and impressions. Therefore, it initially forms a kind of a karmic block which makes it difficult for the awakened prana to pass through this area.

Here is also the point of creation. Can generate a new life, or a new project. It is the force of creativity. When we are able to have a balanced life in a relation ship and sexually, were no to much energy is wasted on sex or the relation ship, we will experience the opening of the spring. From this magic sprint the water of divine creativity will express trough any artistic skill that we may have.

Text adapted from the books "Prana Pranayama, Prana Vidya", Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, and "i to I" from Prasanna Balakrishan.

Images from the Google Images.

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