PNL - Messages to paste in home * Mensagens para colar por casa * Mensajes para colar en el hogar * Messages à coller pour la maison

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming * PNL - Programação Neuro Linguística 

If we are pasting positive messages on the walls and mirrors in home, reading these messages, you reprogrammed your state of mind to more positive, stronger, more loving way.
Se formos colando mensagens positivas pelas paredes e espelhos da casa, ao ler essas mensagens, reprogramamos a mente para um estado mais positivo, mais forte, mais amoroso.

I act only after observing, listening and accepting.

Creating beauty wherever I am, expressing  me gently, respecting the nature of each one, and the space around me.
As a master, I let my best naturally show through without pretension or aggressiveness.

I create beauty while talking in a sweet way, respecting the nature of each one.
I express myself without pretension and without offending.

I clap generous actions pure intentions and accept a variety of talents.


I have the maturity to get rid of expectations and love to continue to donate.


I give support to myself and others to take the initiative and commitment of mind.

In a state of introspection i feed myself of an an unshakable faith... No obstacle can shake my conviction.
I can make possible easily any task that others think impossible to reach.
I remain secure of my value and capacity.
I am an image of power, stability and courage.
I trust myself, I trust that I am capable of doing whatever I have to do.

By facing the difficulties, I evaluate the situation, possible solutions and their consequences.
I make my decision and I remain firm, surpassing fear.

I am not worried, but I'm careful, cheerful but calm;
Strong but malleable like a bamboo.

I am generous in using my time and talents in order to create positive results.

I find charm in myself and others, an inner beauty, natural and long lasting.

Purity of heart
I love and talk with the deepest part of my being, and I get in contact with the purity of the other ones.

Love is the magic potion that gives beauty to all things and moments. It's a power that heals and brings me to the understanding that the true love exists in the extent of my purity and sensitivity.

I stay firm when i am facing complexity and safe in times of restless.

Imagining new ways to build over the past, I transform my present and  inspire my future.

Serenity is a force that creates great confidence and power. 
Enable me to remain calm and stable across any situation.
Remaining at peace with myself, I can harmonize everything around me.
Every thought is like a wave ... soft, gentle, incredibly powerful.

By understanding the ups and downs of life are disguised opportunities, I accept the journey ahead of me.

I appreciate what life offers to me, knowing that my needs will be fulfilled as return on my efforts.

Understanding the heart of the subject, I remain within the reality and keep my life simple.

I recognize the value of time  and effort.
As a master, I have the power to resist to all forms of inertia.

I feel the internal rhythm of things that happen around me, and allow my sensitivity to guide me.

I'm free and simple.
I act according with my conscience and I feel good about myself.
 I feel light.

Make your nature quiet and gentle and you will continue to receive success at each step.

Recognizing the truth and value of each being, as a teacher, I respect everyone for what they are in their essence.
Recognizing the individuality of each person and the right to be exactly as it is.
Giving respect to others means respecting myself.

Messages by Brahma Kumaris Portugal
Mensagens fornecidas pela Brahma Kumaris.

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